Accura Group for Information Technology

Accura Group is an Information Technology company in El-daqahliyah Egypt, that provides its customers many technical services with a focus on Web Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development.

Our Services

Mobile Apps
Use the easy-to-use and simple mobile app to reach out to all your customers whenever and everywhere and let your customers enjoy a distinguished purchasing experience.
Web Solutions
Build up your own customized website with a strong, stable techniques and bug-free codes. Accura Group ensures standardized codes compatible with W3C international standards.
Technical Support
Enjoy the matchless professional Accura Group technical support with the most efficient specialists and have all your problems solved. We are available 24/7.
Line of codes
Mobile Apps
Accura Group in numbers
Some quick statistics about Accura group since it's launch in 2017

Project Steps in Accura Group

Requirement analysis
First Phase
The process of determining user expectations for a new project
Technology Assessment
Second Phase
Determine what is the best technologies that we can use to build this project
Innovative design
Third Phase
Build an ideal, innovative, Creative design for the new project
Fourth Phase
Semantic Coding for the new project using the selected technology with the project Design
Testing & QA
Fifth Phase
Testing for all phases of the project and ensure that it meets specified requirements.
Project Launch
Sixth Phase
Deliver the Project to the Client and help in Launching it
Monitoring & Support
Seventh Phase
Provide Customer with Free 6 Months of Technical Support and also we have support plans for projects

Go Digital Now!

Laptops, tablets and mobile phones.. Everyone now have all the world at their fingertips. Now it is the time to have your online arena; launch your brand via a website, e-store, mobile app, or even online ad. Go digital and do digital too.. Build strong relationship with your audience, let them have the easiest access to you whenever and wherever.
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