Our Services

Accura Group provides number of services focusing on mobile apps and web development

Mobile Development

Building Native Android & IOS applications Using Java and Swift

Web Development

Build up your own customized website, web Application, Back end with a strong, stable techniques and bug-free codes.

Web / Mobile Design

Design Attractive, Responsive, Flexible websites + Android and IOS Apps

Graphic Design

Identity design, Logo design, and Social Media Banners

Digital Marketing

SEO + Google, Youtube, Facebook and other social media Campaigns

Technical Support

Free 6 Months of technical support for our clients, we also have technical support plans per year


Mobile Apps

Use the easy-to-use and simple mobile app to reach out to all your customers whenever and everywhere. Make your content easily accessible and interactive for all customers.
Enjoy the interactive design of your mobile app and let your customers enjoy a distinguished purchasing experience.
  • It is not just about having a good look. Your app shall also be fast, reliable and smooth in terms of performance.
  • Choose the platform appropriate for your target audience whether it is Android or IOS.
  • Your mobile app might look small in size, however all the features integrated in it ensure covering each and every single detail.
  • Bring your idea into life and make your business accessible to all customers. Have your own mobile app with the best features ever.
  • There are always some trends are dominating. Accura Group keeps up to date with all the rising trends to ensure more success for your app.
  • Easily move between application forms and access all what you need just with your fingertips.

Web Development

Build up your own customized website with a strong, stable techniques and bug-free codes.

More than 100 + website design & 30 Mobile App Design

Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing is Marketing in 2018

Engage with your audience, increase your conversion rates and build your strong community.
Digital marketing nowadays is the trend that you should follow to increase your rate in your market especially by inbound marketing, as it cares about your target audience and helps you to build a strong trustful relationship between them and your brand that leads to beneficial WOM.
Graphic design
Creating your motion graphics with attractive visuals and interactive animations to higher your content engagement rates.
Motion graphic
Designing your motion graphics with the same visual styles and trends for the comfort of your audience instead of distraction.
3D production !
Make your content viral through your well played motion graphics process from script writing to animation direction.

Technical Support 24/7

Enjoy the matchless professional Accura Group technical support with the most efficient specialists and have all your problems solved.
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